I am French and use to work in Paris for years in the travel industry. I have created this blog to share my love of this city and help travelers to get the best of it.

Of course, there are already blogs talking about Paris. I have listed some of them in my page “Other Paris Blogs”. Authors are foreigners living in Paris or Parisians and their posts use to be very interesting.

But my mind is to allow travelers to share their own experiences of Paris. I want Paris to be seen through the eyes of tourists. What they like or even hate. What they suggest to do or to avoid.

If you are a traveler, you can publish posts about anything you want regarding Paris as far as your post may be useful to readers.

Of course, I will aslo publish posts myself with tips for travelers. But I do hope most of my work on this blog will consist in providing additional information on traveler’s published posts.

I also invite other people living in Paris (Parisians or foreigners) to publish everytime they think it would be interesting for travelers. If you plan to publish on a regular basis, I suggest you to register as an author so that posts are signed with your name and a link to your blog or website.

Any question ? Please E-mail me